Fragblast 13 provides an excellent opportunity for the promotion of companies in the area of mining, explosives and blasting. Please email to for more information.

The International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting (FRAGBLAST) is a key international forum for sharing the state of the art in rock blasting and explosives engineering. It aims at promoting the understanding of explosive-rock interaction in all aspects and the exchange of research and field experience in rock blasting. Beginning in 1983, the FRAGBLAST symposia have been held in Sweden (1983 & 2018), USA1986, Australia (1990 & 2015), Austria1993, Canada1996, South Africa1999, China (2002), Chile2006, Spain2009 and India2012, contributing an unparalleled combination of scientific advances and practical applications. 

With the prominence of blasting engineering activities and R&D initiatives in China, the FRAGBLAST International Organizing Committee (FIOC) has rewarded the 13th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting (FRAGBLAST 13) to China Society of Explosives and Blasting (CSEB), and the event will be held on October 17-19, 2022, in Hangzhou, “City of Heaven” in China.

We hope FRAGBLAST 13 could draw attentions from blasting engineers, explosives manufacturers as well as researchers and professionals of related disciplines all over the world.




Fragblast 13-2022-2nd circular
Abstract submission deadline postponed to March 1, 2022 !
April 13, 2021
Fragblast 13-2022 1st Circular

Important Dates

October 1, 2021March 1, 2022
Deadline for abstract submission
December 1, 2021April 1, 2022
Abstract acceptance notification
March 1, 2022May 1, 2022
Deadline for Paper submission
May 1, 2022July 1, 2022
Paper acceptance notification
July 1, 2022August 1, 2022
Final paper submission

October 15-21, 2022 Hangzhou, China | 版本所有:中国爆破行业协会主办   ICP备案号:京ICP备13004870号